• New 6LED two-way walkway light
    New 6LED two-way walkway light

    New 6LED two-way walkway light


    Product parameters

    1. Solar panel: 5.5V0.5W 2. Lithium battery capacity: 3.7V600mAx 1pcs

    3. Working voltage: 3.7V                               4. Working current: 0.3A

    5. Output power: when the battery is fully charged, the output power is 1W

    6. LED: SMD2835 6pcs                                   7. Lumens: 100LM

    8. IP65 waterproof rating                               9. Charging time: 6-8 hours

    10. Lighting mode: always on                       11. Lighting time: more than 10 hours (full power)

    12. Using optical lens, the luminous effect is stronger and brighter

    Packaging parameters

    Product size: 10*9*2.5cm

    4 pieces Packing size: 19.5*5.5*11cm

    Weight: 0.41KG

    Quantity per carton: 160pcs

    Outer box size: 40*22.5*45cm

    Net weight: 16.5KG

    Gross weight: 17KG

    Accessories: instruction manual/plastic clip

    Product size: 10*9*2.5cm 

    6 pieces Packing size: 16.5*9.6*10.8cm

    Weight: 0.62KG

    Quantity per carton: 180pcs

    Outer box size: 50.5*34*33.5cm

    Net weight: 18.5KG

    Gross weight: 19KG

    Accessories: Instruction Manual/Plastic Clip

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