• Solar Motion Sensor Light 4.8W IP 65
    Solar Motion Sensor Light 4.8W IP 65

    Solar Motion Sensor Light 4.8W IP 65

    57LED high lumen solar light
    1. New design, High brightness, Charge in daytime, light at night, PIR motion sensor
    2. Three working modes: 1—Strong light+Dim light; 2—Strong light+off; 3--- Constant light
    3. Solar Panel:6V 4.8W
    4. Energy-efficient Conversion rate:18%
    5. Li-ion battery: 3.7V2200mAh x 3pcs
    6. Protection Voltage:3.0~4.25V
    7. Output:3.2V 1180mA  4.8W
    8. Standard by current:5uA
    9. LED Chip:38pcs,SMD2835/60mA / 28Lm,
    10. Color temperature:2700-3000K or 6000-7000K
    11. Lumen:800Lumen
    12. PIR angle:120°
    13. Charging time:5-6 hours under direct sunlight
    14. Working time:8-9 hours under sensor mode,6-7 hours under the constant light mode
    15. Working temperature:-20℃~+60℃
    16. CRI:>80%
    17. Product size:22*11.7*6cm,Package size:23.5*13.2*7cm,Carton size:48.5*37*28cm
    18. Gift box package,QTY/Carton:20pcs
    19. Accessories:user manual+Installation paper+Screw
    BFunction mode
    1. Press the switch 3 to 5 second, open the light lamp and will flash twice, come to the “Body induction + Dim bright”
        modes. The brightness is strong when people go through the sensory area, continue 10seconds. It become Dim bright
        when people leave.
    2. Press the switch again, LED lamp will flash twice, open the “Body induction + turn off” mode. The brightness is strong
        when people go through the sensory area, continue 10seconds, turn off automatically when people leave.
    3. Press the switch third time, LED lamp will flash twice too, open the “constant light” mode, the brightness will be only
        half of “Body induction” mode, it will be lighting-off automatically after power off.
    4. Press the switch for fourth time, turn off the light lamp.
    CWorking principle
    1. The light will charge in the daytime automatically, power was  stored at the Li-ion battery, longer time was charged, more power was  stored.
    2. The light will be lighted automatically at night.
    3. PIR working mode, when people come into sensor area, the brightness become strong
    4. Lighting time is 10-12 seconds, in the daytime, the current will be cut automatically and charging automatically.
    DInstallation & Actual effect
    1. Choose a place that the solar panel can absorb sunlight fully( 3.5meters height)
    2. Punch two suitable holes on the place where install  the light lamp, insert the expansion plug, screw up and hang up the  light lamp.

    1. For the first time using, please put the product under the sunlight to charge for several hours before using.
    2. When the product isn’t in use for long time, please take out the  battery and store it in a dry or cool place to avoid the leakage.  Recharge the battery  by every three months at a time, to ensure it is  not damaged and leakage.
    3. If the battery is exhausted, the light lamp will flash. Please recharge it before normal using.
    4. In fact, durations of light depends on exposure level of  sunlight, geographical location, weather condition and the time of  daylight. The stronger of sunlight, the faster of charging; the longer  time of sunlight, the more of power in charging. The effect will be  weakened in the raining days.
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